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Belfast - Victoria Square - 4.8KM of joint & cracks sealed in 2.5 months - guaranteed.

Belfast Car Park Before

Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport - 16KM of leaks sealed in 12 months - guaranteed.

Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport

Trinity College Chapel - Cambridge - Injected Heartings with hydrated lime grout.

Trinity College Chapel

Spalding - Treatment of marginal soils at limits of CP2004 - a successful treatment was achieved.


Kidwelly, Wales - before. - Treatment of violent & severe inflow, unable to be treated by conventional works.

Kidwelly, Wales Before

Maidstone, Kent. - Drilling for solution hole consolidation 18M deep.

Maidstone Hospital, Kent

Olympic Park, London - LO5 Drilling. - For sealing cracks that flex in soffit of pedestrian access to the Velodrome, Stratford.

Kidwelly, Wales After



Belfast - Victoria Square - Completed Contract.

Belfast Car Park After

Canary Wharf - London - 8KM of leaks sealed in 3 months - guaranteed.

Canary Wharf

Bodliean Library - Oxford - Leak sealing - guaranteed.

Bodliean Library Oxford

Ipswich - Treatment for settlement in joint venture where we completed 6000 holes in four days.


Kidwelly, Wales - after. - Here you see we have sealed the reception eye - sealed successfully.

Kidwelly, Wales After

Maidstone Hospital, Kent. - Injection banjo arrangement.

Kidwelly, Wales After

Olympic Park, London - LO5 Injection. - Sealig cracks in bridge soffit using an acrylic with SBR additive. End result - 150M sealed in total.

Kidwelly, Wales After


Here are just a selection of large and small projects we have completed in CHEMICAL GROUTING, LEAK SEALING, CHEMICAL CONSOLIDATION, SOIL STABILISATION & PRESSURE POINTING for:

- Sealing car parks, developments, sealing tunnels & shafts.

- Consolidation of soils to stop 'running condition' for excavation.

- Stabilisation of soils - increase bearing for underpinning & arresting settlement.

- We offer traditional style injections in accordance with limits set by CP2004.

- Document on Chemical Consolidation technique available.

- Pointing of Sea Walls & other structures affected by erosion.

- Guaranteed works.

- High production achieved.


  • Victoria Square - Belfast
  • Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport
  • Trinity College Chapel - Cambridge
  • Canary Wharf - London
  • Bodliean Library - Oxford
  • Spalding
  • Ipswich
  • Kidwelly, Wales

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